Nutrition Program

We conduct assessments to see where dietary deficiencies are, as well as look at stress and lifestyle factors that can contribute to poor health. Your daily recorded food intake, also known as a food journal, is used to perform the analysis.

The analysis consists of an in-depth evaluation report of carbohydrate, fat, and protein amounts and ratios, a listing of deficiencies and excesses in vitamins and minerals, as well as cholesterol, fiber, fat, and saturated fat.

We develop an individualized nutrition and overall lifestyle plan, taking into consideration any allergies and or health constraints or concerns. The goal is to coach you through the journey to a healthier lifestyle.
We teach you how to detect certain signals the body gives off and guide you in how to conduct preliminary assessments of those signals.

Understanding your body’s signals could make a difference between life and death.We will also create a individualized meal plan for you to follow, and you will know how to shop

Nutrition Coaching & Consulting​ Services
(Includes eight 30-minute Skype/phone sessions over 60 days) ​
60-Day Coaching Pkg…………………………… $599
30-Day Coaching Package includes four 30-minute sessions over 30 days.
30-Day Coaching Pkg……………………………$399
Board Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

Program Highlights​
– Customized nutrition analysis profile
– Detailed nutrition assessment​ & recommendations
– ​Raw food demo
– Cooking demos from our organic chef
– One-on-one nutrition coaching & counseling via Skype