Susan C. – Healthy Explosion Client HealthyExplosionRatings
How to Navigate a Gluten Free Lifestyle is a lifesaver!
Martina Desgouttes has created a training that have life changing and life saving information for anyone who wants to live a healthier, longer life. The lectures are provided in a crisp, pleasing to the ear voice. The material is well articulated and easy to digest. The additional links, quizzes, and other information add great value to this class. I still have more lectures to enjoy and learn from but I want to share this review now so that others will be encouraged to sign up. Individual lectures are short but packed full of knowledge. I like the length of these lectures because this gives me a chance to easily fit them into my schedule. The introduction, in which Ms. Desgouttes shares her personal health journey is very impressive. I appreciate learning from someone who has “been there”.

Joycelin B. – Healthy Explosion Client HealthyExplosionRatings
Excellent course! Great Information! Awesome recipe section
I really enjoyed taking this course. Very detailed instructions. The instructor is very passionate and she shared great information about gluten, what to look for when shopping, and great resources. I will definitely refer to the testing resources. The self-assessment quizzes and food journal will be of great benefit to making healthy lifestyle eating changes. The recipe section is so detailed and inviting, I will be trying out the recipes. I like the fact that the recipes are downloadable, there is even a gluten free grain list to take along when shopping.

Candace C. – Healthy Explosion Client HealthyExplosionRatings
Martina Desgouttes has a passion for nutrition and wellness which is highly remarkable. The class I took “Understanding your Body” was full of great information; I learned how to combine different foods together. I also did a food journal and Martina was able to provide feedback which helped me to understand what to eat to prevent headaches.  I definitely would recommend Martina to anyone who wants to improve their health.  She has also helped a patient who was having low energy. The information she gives is thorough and detailed. Whatever your health or nutrition goals I would recommend any class because her holistic approach has helped me.