America’s Health Crisis: The Domino Effect

By Martina Desgouttes

The way to effect change is to determine where we went wrong. Once we determine the cause, the next step is to find a solution to the problem. The overall health of Americans started to decline at the same time as the process of manufacturing food changed. Food manufacturers developed a process to mass–produce what had been naturally grown since the beginning of time, in order to accommodate, the new, fast–paced American society’s need for fast food, and to increase profits at lower production costs.

As a result, the era of the artificial food epidemic began. Food manufacturers developed artificial colors and flavors designed to appeal to our taste buds. The food industry has made trillions of dollars over the last fifty years at our expense. No one was exempt, rich and poor alike, no matter what your race or gender. Americans filled fast–food restaurants to feast on the newly created artificial foods and drinks. Little did we know, down the road there would be a high price to pay. We are paying the price now.

In order to meet the demand, the process had to speed up. How did manufacturers speed up the process? The answer is with added pesticides, chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics to the soil and our foods to facilitate the production process. Fruits and vegetables were injected with coloring and hormones to speed up growth and increase their shelf life. Animals were injected with hormones and antibiotics to speed growth. As a result of the era of artificial foods, we as a people have developed health–related problems and diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disease, heart diseases, digestive problems leading to autoimmune diseases, and cancer. People are dying daily. Our health care system collapsed a long time ago. We have a sick care system. Insurance premiums are unaffordable to so many, even with the new healthcare laws in place. We still have the uninsured among us and from the looks of things, this will probably continue for decades to come. The elderly, even with Medicare, are still paying supplemental insurance premiums at high rates. This is not fair to those who worked hard to reach retirement and are living on a fixed income. Things are beginning to change, but not at the rate they need to. Obesity is still a major problem. So is diabetes and heart disease. Now we have record number of people with thyroid and adrenal problems, not to mention the rise in autoimmune diseases. There is gluten intolerance, celiac disease, and a rise in GMO manufactured foods. The list goes on and on.

Dare to Dream: Dare to be Different
So what’s the answer? What will be the defining moment when we see a major downward trend? Having been one of the individuals with many of the illnesses and diseases mentioned, including obesity, and losing health insurance eight years ago due to preexisting conditions, I can relate in so many ways. I still had the stigma of those illnesses, even though my health had been transformed. I had to take a stand. I had a vision. A divinely inspired vision, which led to the development of a workable strategy centered on the methodology of looking at the human body from a systems theory perspective, connecting all systems together while monitoring their interactions nutritionally, to food and drink from a holistic perspective. Understanding the human body and its nutritional needs was a huge asset. Thank God! I used myself as the subject in testing my theory, with extremely positive results. Based on my findings, I developed a nutritionally based system theory model and called it the Healthy Explosion systems theory. I developed the courses and weight loss program based on this theory. It’s worked for turning my health around, as well as the health of my clients. I truly believe in my heart it would make a huge impact.

My Vision to Reverse the Health Crisis
Eleven years ago while pondering how to change health–care, I envisioned the creation of a new insurance–type program focusing on a holistically based integrated health system. I named it the People’s Alternative Choice Plan. A plan focused on alternative health, like a club or association of sorts. A plan based on the honor system, like credit that gives incentives and reduction in fees to members who go the extra mile to be healthy. A plan that allow those with health problems the opportunity to improve their health and tap into lower fees and incentives. So I created the entire project proposal. I even designed the membership card. Friends said it would never work. Why not? This is about choice. Only those serious about making health changes would join. The difference is, we would have a choice to see the health practitioners that are about making us healthy, who are passionate and dedicated. I believe this is a season of new beginnings, new choices. It’s about the freedom to choose to be healthy and fit. Here are a couple of questions to ponder: Could the People’s Alternative Choice Plan work? Should it be considered as an alternative plan for Americans? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.
My passion and desire is to transform my client’s health, one person at a time. I know it’s also the desire of fellow practitioners and coaches. I believe it’s time for a healthy change.

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